Jan 20, 2016

Oct 27, 2015

Above: Oops! I Lost My Eye Contact. Party at the Opera! 
Gouache, watercolor and colored pencil on paper. 


Exhibition with Mia Christopher

On view now through November 30, 2015 at 

678 Commercial Street
San Francisco, CA 94111

Curated by Alice Wu.

Press release below.

Can't read that small type?! Download the press release here.

Aug 23, 2015

Am I in a Trance, Stranger? 
Solo show at Zinc Art + Interiors in Edmonds, Washington.

Check out new works that explore traveling, the dream-like state of being in another place, and what happens to memories once we return home. 

Up now through September 14. 

Above: Recess in Indonesia
Gouache, watercolor and colored pencil on paper.
What kids do on break. 

Jul 8, 2015

New ceramics! Hand built and hand painted, all the pieces are one-of-a-kind.

Photo from the Summer Shop SF pop-up in June.

CUT ... a group show I am curating along with ceramicist, Danielle Hoang. This will be a fun group show exploring the theme "cut" in celebration of having an art show at the wonderful Dreamers & Make Believers Salon in the Mission. From haircuts, to art made of hair, to bugs weilding scissors and beyond... come!

Dreamers and Make Believers Salon
487 14th Street at Guerrero
San Francisco, CA 94103

OPENING Saturday, July 18, 2015 from 7pm-11pm

May 26, 2015

Go check out the #StrikeAwayShow at Paxton Gate Curiousities!

Smokin' Hot Redheads Zine
Matchbook, ink, gouache. Xerox accordian fold zine. Matches.

Brooklyn Pizza Party!
Gouache, colored pencil, ink, graphite and watercolor on paper.
Comission for a wedding present. :D 

Apr 7, 2015

A zine spread from my contribution to the GOOD PRESS ON DEMAND exhibition in Antwerp last fall. 

~Spring Announcements~

Upcoming shows...

4/24/15 at The Outpost in Honolulu, HI

5/22/15 Strike Away at Paxton Gate in San Francisco, CA 

MORE to be announced!

Lots of new artwork coming!

Ceramics inspired by my travels in Asia

Feb 28, 2015

From the sketchbook: Fantasy Premier League

Sep 28, 2014

Sep 15, 2014

From the sketchbook

Chiang Dao Caves in Chiang Dao, Thailand

This photo was taken in the Chiang Dao Cave Temple, a couple hours drive outside of Chiang Mai, Thailand. The cave sits inside one of Thailands highest mountains and as a place of worship is quite spectacular. Buddhist relics hide among gigantic stalactites, where monks in their saffron robes can be seen in passing. 

For sale at Rare Device in San Francisco as an 8x8" framed print, or part of a 4x4" set.


Kuang Si Waterfalls in Luang Prabang, Laos
(Snapped on my overseas adventure in SE Asia!)

This photo was taken at the Kuang Si Waterfalls just outside of Luang Prabang, Laos. The journey here is almost as spectacular as the destination, a one hour tuk tuk ride takes you along winding hills past small villages. The turquoise-colored water is quite mesmerizing, I even saw a man fall in trying to take the perfect picture!

For sale at Rare Device in San Francisco as an 8x8" framed print, or part of a 4x4" set. 


Kek Lok Si Temple in Penang, Malaysia
(Snapped on my overseas adventure in SE Asia!)

This photo was taken at the Kek Lok Si Temple in Penang, Malaysia, also known as the Temple of Supreme Bliss. A 99 foot bronze statue of Guanyin is the main attraction, sitting prominently on the hill. In this photo I am pausing for a rest, soaking in the lush green jungles and landscape of Penang.

For sale at Rare Device in San Francisco as an 8x8" framed print, or part of a 4x4" set. 


Market Procession in Myanmar
Watercolor on paper
15.5 x 12 inches
For Something Completely Different at City Limits Gallery in Oakland

Aug 25, 2014


Here's a fun show to stop by if you are in the San Francisco area. Rare Device (now on Divisadero) will be exhibiting instagram photos from several artists, including yours truly. 

"Hailing from such diverse locales as Texas, Germany, Namibia, Nigeria, and Hawaii, all of these photographers now call the Bay Area their home. Each uses Instagram to his or her own ends, but the results across the board are stunning. Ana Kamin’s photos reflect her love for nature and city views; wherever she goes, her iPhone is with her to capture the beautiful facets of the city by the bay and beyond. Chelsea Wong’s photos depict her recent adventure through Southeast Asia."