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    Do You Like My Bloody Valentine?
    Colored pencil, graphite, gouache and ink on paper
    11.25 x 10 inches

    For sale now at Moksha in Seattle. The show will run through March 13th.

    4542 University Way NE
    Seattle, WA 98105

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    If Heidi Were Here Now
    Colored pencil, graphite, gouache, ink and acrylic on paper
    11 x 10 inches

    For sale now at Moksha in Seattle. The show will run through March 13th.

    4542 University Way NE
    Seattle, WA 98105

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    Check out THE YONDER PROJECT, an international exchange of ideas that I am contributing to. Daniela Parra's thoughtful project asks that particpants from across the globe connect through writing and art by re-imagining locations. It is a beautiful project that is both engaging and mysterious. I am so excited to see the end result.

    Here is information from the site:


    The Yonder Project is the particular situation behind the construction of the Yonder book.
    Writers and illustrators working together (by the network) in the interpretation of a distanced place.
    Each author was challenge with the creation of a text (in the writer's case) or an illustration (in the illustrator's case) that takes place in a city that they don't know by person.
    Creating a particular context based in the interpretation and some basic references about the place, the writers develop a narrative tale that takes part in that city, and the illustrators make their own visual representation of the story and the city that they also don't know.

    The Yonder project is a game made by the exchange of ideas and works, a connection between people from different cultures, all they with creatives iniciatives.

    MORE TO COME... Stay tuned.

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    Seventeen and a half Unsuccessful Self Portraits

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    Where Infinity Is - You can put your problems, into a Big Black Hole. But you will go there too!
    Colored pencil, ink, graphite, acrylic and gouache on Arches watercolor paper
    21 x 30 in.


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    Half a Balotelli Pre-Football in a Gang
    Colored pencil, ink and graphite on Arches watercolor paper
    11.5 x 10 in.

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    Four Generations
    Screen print on paper
    Edition of 8
    20 x 26 in.

  • PageImage-484549-3991779-WaitingInLineLR.jpg

    Waiting In Line For Dim Sum
    Screen print on paper
    Edition of 7
    26 x 22 in.

    For sale here.

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    Above are photos from the San Francisco Arts Comission Galleries Passport event. The top shot is a view of my station at Eden & Eden and below is a shot of the rubber stamp I designed. Each year the event takes place in a different location in San Francisco with this year's celebrations happening in North Beach.

    The stamp I illustrated conjures what a daytrip to the neighborhood (and it's close sister, Chinatown) would look like. There are flying bottles of olive oil, lanterns, hovering dim sum space crafts, crazy shopping bags and rice jars. These are just a few of the awesome things that come to mind.

    The event was a ton of fun and a great success. For a good recap, check out this Art Enthusiast post. And to see more of these cool photos, take a look at this flickr set by the ultra-talented Rikki Ward for SFAC Galleries.

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    Dirty Perfume Shop
    Colored pencil, ink and graphite on paper
    11 x 14 in.

  • PageImage-419597-3950805-9587-ginsengstorelowres.jpg

    The Ginseng Store
    Screen print on paper
    Edition of 10
    13 x 15 in.

  • PageImage-419597-3940307-3799-taichi.jpg

    Kitchen Tai Chi in Washington Square Park
    Screen print on paper
    22 x 22 in.

    From the exhibit Stretch & Expose at San Francisco's City Hall.

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    Religious Thoughts
    Colored pencil, gouache, ink and graphite on paper
    12 x 9 in.

  • SFAC's Passport Event

    The San Francisco Art Comission's Passport Event is coming up and I am a participating artist!

    Date and Time: Sunday, October 14, noon – 4pm
    Location: North Beach (Passport Home Base at Washington Square Park)
    Purchase Tickets: Buy your passport for $25 here! Or you can come to the SFAC Main Gallery at 401 Van Ness (@ McAllister) and buy one in person.

    I will be in the lovely Eden & Eden shop stamping passports and selling goods:

    560 Jackson Street (at Columbus)
    San Francisco, CA 94133 

    Swing by and say hello!